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Welcome to Stormblood!

By Wairata a - Posted Jun 26, 17

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Stormblood, the next chapter in our FFXIV saga. Since the expansion went live on 6/20/17 (or 6/16/17 for those with early access), we may have seen our share of 90Ks and Duty Finder crashes, but, more importantly, we’ve been introduced to the new, breathtaking lands of Othard in the ever-expanding world of Hydaelyn. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in Eorzea! The old classes/jobs have been revamped (we’re all noobs now!) and samurais and red mages have joined the ranks of adventurers.

There’s a lot in store for the future in Stormblood, namely new 24-person dungeons (titled the “Return to Ivalice”), primal battles (the third story primal already plays like an Extreme primal, btw!), and 8-person raids (“Interdimensional Rift - Omega”). Yoshi P and company have promised some very welcomed changes from the Heavensward battle system and mechanics, so I encourage folks to gear up and band together to tackle these things together.

Cheers to our new Free Company members and our returning (and dearly missed!) FC guildees of yesterday! Our humble little FC at last check (thanks, Sora!) ranked 32 out of 500 Free Companies on Faerie, measured by activity (running dungeons together, time spent crafting, etc). Clearly, we’ve been busy bees and it’s awesome to see so many of you online regularly and enjoying the game.

While we still communicate on and take applications through Enjin, most of our out-of-game social activity takes place on our very own FC Facebook page. Feel free to find us on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/magimat if you’re so inclined!

Otherwise, happy gaming to you all and see you in-game!

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